My ‘Most Favoritest Things,’ Part 2: The Pizza Lovers Edition

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I was inspired by Oprah’s Favorite Things to share some of MY Most Favoritest Things! Some are from my Gift-giving Guide, some I’ve featured on my blog before, and some are just NEW THINGS I want to share with you!! I’ve already shared Part 1 with you…

This is…My ‘Most Favoritest Things,’ by Pee-wee Herman: Part 2, The Pizza Lovers Edition!! ENJOY!!


Pepperoni pizza ONESIE!


Pizza infinity temporary tattoo!!


Cardboard pizza box stool!!


Pizza slice jewelry!!!


Pepperoni pizza BEACH BLANKET!!


Pizza pool rafts!!

Pizza_Pool_Rafts Pizza Pool Raft

Pizza-scented candle!! Sequin pizza patch!!


Pizza SOAP!!


You know, pizza isn’t going to cut itself!!

Pizza scissors! Bicycle pizza wheel!!

Pizza-Scissors Pizza-bike

Monkey on a unicycle pizza wheel! Pizza circular saw!!

Pizza-monkey Pizza-boss-circular-saw

Pizza chopper!!


Portable Pizza Pouch

Put the pizza in, zip it up, and place the lanyard proudly around your neck…just like you do with a conference badge…!! Except THIS badge is full of delicious!


Pizza Cat pillowcase!!


Pizza FEZ!! Chocolate pizza!!

Pizza-Fez Chocolate-pizza

Pizza party tea towel!!


Pizza guitar!!




Pepperoni pizza Corvette!!

Pepperoni Corvette photo

Be sure to LOOK at my ‘Most Favoritest Things, Part 1‘ and my Gift-giving guide!!

  • Candy T

    I never knew you had such love for Pizza?

  • Helen Gircko

    Okay, Pee-wee, I give up! I admit the universality of pizza, as a subject, suitable for anything! I hope she’s (pizza) will dream me at night. And I think to make a vow to eat only pizza ….
    Absolutely lovely pillow with pizza-cat. Soap has also led me to a quiet meditative rapture. Guitar with pattern pizza made me think – so I can paint the piano. (More pizza!)
    Thank you for the pizza !!! With her so well to start the new week.

  • Corinne Escobar

    pizza pouch for sure!

  • ✨morenitachula✨

    I’m so in love with pizza now! Haha awesome blog Pee-wee!

  • laura valentina

    Well For one, Paul that when I see Pizza of any kind it reminds me of Freddy Krueger. Just his Face. How Mangled and burned it is. Although Robert Englund has retired his character Freddy Krueger a few years ago one can’t ever get that face out of their minds it burns a scarred vision of Pizza!!! Other than that I love the taste & scent of pizza especially pepperoni and cheese. I mostly like veggies on my pizza and from time to time meat lovers. Thank you for sharing your most favorite part 2 blog!! Have a pizza kind of day filled with all your most wonderful toppings you love on your pizza!!

  • Guest54321

    extraordinary! strong work, peewee!! those are some pizza GEMS!!

  • S.O.S3

    Omg this is the best ever hahaha pizza pizza