How to Tell Time With…HAIR!?!

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Ever tell time with _moving hair_?? Me either! But, now you can with the Lash Clock by French artist Bina Baitel! It’s, well, just plain bizarre!! Do you have to brush it?? The artist writes: In between a meditation device and a clock, Lash Clock offers a new experience in the perception of time.…

Dot, the First Braille Smartwatch!!

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This is so cool! This is Dot, the world’s first smartwatch for blind and visually impaired people!! Four moving braille characters display messages at a time on the watch’s face.  A few years ago, Dot’s founder and CEO Eric Kim saw a blind classmate “hauling large, bulky books during his studies at the University of Washington” while everyone else was using a digital tablet.…

This is the World’s Largest Playable Ukulele!! It’s 13-Feet Long!!

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When it comes to ukuleles, Michigan’s Larry Stump isn’t messing around! photo by Kevin Scott Ramos for Guinness World Records He built a 13-foot long playable and tunable ukulele, which Guinness World Records has deemed the WORLD’S LARGEST!! via Elderly Instruments Facebook It took him three months and about $600 to build the oversized instrument and he admits it’s not “quite as melodic” as a regular ol’ ukulele.…

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